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Dr Quigley is an experienced doctor specialising in the area of tongue tie, She is also a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant – IBCLC.

She has worked in all the hospitals in Cork with experience in Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine, General Medicine and Mental Health. She has been working at her family friendly practice in Blackrock since 2012. She is very experienced in the provision of tongue tie release, and has performed this surgery on hundreds of babies with great success.

As the mother of three beautiful children, Dr Quigley knows how exciting but also how difficult and exhausting those early days with a new born are. When a problem arises, it is important to seek out professional help.

About Tongue Tie

Dr Quigley assesses and treats babies for feeding difficulties (breast and bottle)including tongue tie, but also is available to discuss other medical concerns you may have about your infant including reflux, wind/colic and general baby health. She will help you and your partner decide which the best treatment option for you and is also on hand to help Mums with breastfeeding problems.

Tongue Tie is a condition where the thin membrane of tissue beneath the tongue is shorter or thicker than it should be. Ties can be classified as anterior or posterior. A tongue tie can restrict the normal movement of the tongue and can cause breast or bottle feeding issues.

This may cause problems with breastfeeding including

  • Nipple pain/damage
  • Narrow latch
  • Fussing/sliding off the breast
  • Nipple compression/flattening
  • Poor weight gain in infants or slow return to birth weight
  • Windiness/colic

Bottle fed infants also can experience problems such as

  • Taking a long time to drink a small volume of formula
  • Excessive dribbling of milk from the corners of the mouth during a feed
  • Clicking during feeding
  • Difficulty latching to the bottle
  • Windiness/colic/reflux
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