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It is essential that you make an appointment if you wish to see the doctor. If you wish for more than one person to be seen at the same time ie children, partner etc, please inform the reception staff. This will allow them to allocate extra time in order to keep waiting times to a minimum. If the appointment is for a particular procedure ie cervical smear, Mirena insertion etc, please let the reception staff know so adequate time will be allocated.
If someone needs to be seen urgently please let the receptionist know and the patient will be facilitated as soon as possible. If you feel that you may need emergency care, please phone an ambulance by dialing 999.


Housecalls are reserved for the very elderly or immobile patients and are not suitable for routine consultation. All housecalls must be discussed with the doctor. If a housecall is required please ring before 11 am so this may be facilitated during the day.

Repeat Prescriptions

Please give at least 24 hours notice for repeat prescriptions. This is to allow the doctor enough time to complete the prescription and to avoid unnecessary waiting. It is advisable that you would order your prescription in advance of it running out especially if this might happen at the weekend. A small charge will exist for the re issuing of private prescriptions.


We would appreciate if you could give 48 hours notice for requests for letters to allow the doctor enough time to complete them and avoid disappointment. The same will apply for forms that you may wish to be completed.


The policy of the practice is that payment will be given after the consultation. Cash, Cheques or payment by laser will be accepted. Please note we do not operate a credit policy. Please retain receipts for Tax/Insurance claims. A charge of 10 euro exists for re issuing of receipts.

Services not covered by the Medical Card

  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Insurance Medicals
  • Medical examinations for legal reports
  • Pre school Medicals
  • Pre employment Medicals
  • Medical examinations to participate in sport
  • Letters for flying, gym, social welfare etc
  • Completion of forms
  • Driving licence forms and examinations

Please enquire at reception regarding fees for the above services. If you require completion of a letter or form, please allow enough time for the doctor to complete this. It would be desirable to give 48 hours notice to avoid disappointment.

When the Surgery is closed

Medical cover is provided by SOUTHDOC Mon-Fri 6pm-8am and from Friday from 6pm until Monday at 8am. Please phone 1850 335 999 to contact SOUTHDOC.

You will be asked for your details and given an appointment to see the doctor. If you have a medical card, you will need to bring this with you otherwise you will be charged for the consultation when you see the doctor.