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Contraceptive Coil

Dr Rachel Quigley is an experienced inserter of long acting contraception. Long acting contraceptive options include Implanon, Mirena Coil, Jaydess and a new device called Kyleena. Insertion of the Mirena Coil is probably the most frequently inserted device in general practice.

Facts about Coils

  • Small T shaped device
  • Inserted into the womb (similar to having a smear)
  • Lasts for 5 years ( 3 years for Jaydess)
  • Easily removed
  • Few side effects
  • Can ease/stop heavy periods
  • Greater than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy

What is involved?

This procedure involves seeing Dr Quigley for three visits.

Visit 1

At the initial counselling visit, the procedure, effectiveness, side effects, effects on cycle are discussed along with obstetric/gynaecological history. An examination is performed and a smear can be done if required. A urine test for infection is performed and treatment provided if necessary. A prescription for the device is given which must be purchased from the pharmacy.

Visit 2

The device is inserted at the second visit. Please let our reception staff know when you are booking in for Coil insertion. You may experience some mild discomfort during the insertion along with crampy type pain afterwards. This can be managed with simple pain killers. It is normal to have a little bleeding after the procedure. If the bleeding becomes heavy please contact Dr Quigley or the emergency room in CUMH if out of hours.

Visit 3

The threads are checked in 4-6 weeks to ensure the device has remained safely in place. It is not advisable to use tampons for a week after insertion. A yearly visit to check the threads is advisable and the device can be replaced in 5 years.


The coil is very easily removed if another pregnancy is desired or if the woman feels the side effects are not tolerable. This is usually very quick and not painful. Return to normal cycle and fertility is very rapid.


What does it cost?

Initial consultation 70 euro

Insertion and thread check 180 euro.

Device must be purchased separately from pharmacy.

This procedure is provided free of charge for medical card holders. (30 euro equipment fee)

Insertion of Contraceptive Coils are now included under the FREE CONTRACEPTIVE SCHEME  for 17-26.

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